IAS Girls Club was ​founded in the Spring of 2018 by Aveus Johnson in the Charleston, SC area as an after-school program. The initial purpose of the club was to connect with and educate young girls on important concepts, offering them tools that can be used to be successful in life. In 2019 the club became community-based and accessible to girls in grades 6th and up in the North Charleston area. In the future, we hope to expand to ages 5- 17.

Our program focuses on the following six pillars: idea of self, relationship skills, decision making, social awareness, healthy living, and higher education. Our girls enter our program as seeds and leave as buds, ready to bloom and evolve into their own. Our Vision is that every mentee that comes through IAS will know that they are somebody, their voice is important, and that they will find their purpose and use the tools provided to facilitate their goals.

Our interactive sessions take place twice a month from 10 am - 12 pm

Speaking things into existence; slaying

Located inside of 

Centerpoint Church, 1520 Remount Road North Charleston, SC 29406

We believe that everyone has something special to offer this world. Everyone has the strength to use their voices to make a change. 


Our Mission

The mission of IAS Girls Club is to nurture and empower adolescent girls to use their voices and talents to make the world a better place. The goal is that the mentees will leave the program with an increase of self-love, awareness, respect, confidence, courage, and leadership and educational development. 

Our Purpose

The purpose of IAS Girls Club is to empower, educate, and encourage students on important concepts such as idea of self, relationship skills, decision making, social awareness, healthy living, and higher education. 

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Ages 5-7

As our girls are beginning their journey into adolescence, we provide a healthy start with a strong foundation so that they enter into adolescence with a positive self-image. 



Ages 8-10

We continue to guide our girls as they enter into the adolescent world. We are instilling positive self-image, self-awareness, decision making, and relationship skills.



Ages 11-13

Our girls are beginning their journey into young adulthood. We are reinforcing positive self-image, confidence, self-awareness, relationship skills, and decision making.  We begin to discuss social awareness, healthy living, and higher education. 



Ages 14-17

Our girls are beginning to find their independence and secure identities. They are ready to explore and prepare for their future careers, roles, and goals.